Nexize : consulting agile pour la digitalisation
Nexize is a community of digital experts dedicated to the success of digital transformation. From digital marketing to the transfer of skills, we operate 4 levers of success serving a single objective: to generate rapid results.
Formations web
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We mobilize talents for an efficient shift.

Nexize is a cross-generational and multi-talented team of women and men and women who are both business experts and managers.

From strategic management to digital marketing, from web development to skills transfer, their professional experience in agencies, SMEs and large groups, have given them mastery of know-how and tools, and an understanding of all the realities of organizations..


Hervé Pépin

25 ans d'expérience en marketing, big data, digital & social media

François Kaltenbach

12 ans d'expérience en développement et pilotage de projets web

Stéphane Petitjean

15 ans d'expérience en customer acquisition, growth hacking et innovation digitale

Katerina Galan

5 ans d'expérience en intégration web & gestion de campagnes SEA

Christian Leveneur

30 ans d’expérience en management des médias et gestion d’entreprise

Christophe Basset

15 ans d'expérience en customer acquisition & retargeting

Antoine Boulan

20 ans d’expérience en développement marketing à l’international

Yohann Jacob

10 ans d’expérience en direction artistique print & web

Juliette Boss

25 ans d’expérience en marketing direct, communication et relations presse

Géraud Ahouandjinou

15 ans d’expérience du secteur associatif & fundraising

Caroline Hennequin

10 ans d'expérience en search marketing et web analytics

Justine Pépin

4 ans d’expérience en social media management & social ads

François Laurent

35 ans d’expérience en études marketing et stratégies de marques

Florent Argentier

20 ans d’expérience en stratégies omnicanales et transition digitale

Juliette Chapront

20 ans d’expérience en CRM et e-CRM et marketing FMCG & B2B

Robin Delbaere

7 ans d'expérience en développement full stack, expert Facebook & Symfony

“”To avoid being” disrupted “, the best way is to consider that you are still a start-up.”




Jay Carney / VP Corporate , Amazon

A holistic approach for a  successful digitization.

A successful management of the digitization implies first of all to make emerge a clear vision of the internal forces …

And because before being technological, the digital revolution is primarily an evolution of usages, we focus our interventions on the levers that accelerate the adhesion and commitment indispensable to a successful transformation.

6 iterative steps to help you succeed in your digital transformation:


A survey of the competitive sphere, including the position that your organization might attain in the future.


A series of qualitative interviews with the stakeholders involved in the digital transformation process.


A detailed analysis of useful client data and leads to maximize their potential through digital marketing.


Surveys to measure client potential according to the various development scenarios under consideration.


Workshops to ensure your teams get on board quickly and support all of the developments that are to be implemented.



A detailed, staggered roadmap to digitalization, that strengthens all of your resources in order to implement a managed, agile transformation.

“In the New World, it is not the big fish

who eats the little one: it is the fastest who eats the slowest. “ 


— Klaus Schwab / World Economic Forum

Practicing agility.

For more than 20 years, agile methods evolve, mutate, change names … but never fundamental principles: fostering interactions rather than processes, focusing on features rather than instructions, collaborating with users, accept change as an opportunity.

In the operational phase of our consulting support, we mobilize 3 types of tools that support these principles:


POCs (proof-of-concept) for user-friendly feedbacks.

Nexize Lab

A collaborative project manager to promote iteration.


Shared dashboards to drive agility and accelerate results.


A question ?

You have questions about the performance of your digital marketing, you have development projects that require optimal agility, you want to accelerate the digitization of your organization?

In few words, you are looking for a little more than a web agency?


Let’s meet.

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